Natures Secret…

Your Skin… is a wonderful, perfectly organised system that is constantly striving for balance. Inappropriate care will lead to common problems such as excess oiliness, congestion, impurities, sensitivity, redness and premature aging.

  • Attempts to dry excess oil will lead to increased oil production.
  • Anti-aging treatments that strip the skin will lead to sensitivity, redness and premature aging.

Biomimetic – a Breakthrough in the care of your skin
The term ‘biomimetic’ is a combination of two words – ‘biology’ and ‘to imitate’. In cosmetics, it refers to the imitation of  biological processes found in the skin.

The concept of ‘natural skin care’ is taken to new levels of gentleness, effectiveness and results- not just ‘natural ingrediants’ mixed into a cream, but formulated in a way that imitates the conditions found on young healthy skin.

50 years of careful study of the skin’s biology combined with a breakthrough in formulation technology- the result is Dr Spiller Biocosmetics from Germany.